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Agla Station: Dadar

Agla Station: Dadar is a post-punk, post-metal, post-everything trio from Mumbai, India, consisting of Aaron Mascarenhas on guitar, Shubham Vaidya on drums, and yours truly on bass.

ASD began life in August 2015, when a vocalist/common friend kidnapped the three of us to form a band called Trigger. After several hundred hours of rehearsals, around twenty shows, and a reputation that drove us into hiding in such faraway places as New England, Newfoundland, and New Thane, we decided our music deserved better.


Our former frontman once described us as "rock that isn't rock", and our material intentionally sounds like backing tracks: we'd like you, the listener, to use our music as raw material. Just don't forget to credit us – and, if there's money involved, give us our fair share!

Agla Station: Dadar (2020)

Recorded live from 8 PM to 12 AM IST on December 28, 2018 at Studio 604, Thane by Kartik Nair. Mixed by Shwetant Kumar. No loops, pitch correction, programming, or sample replacement.

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