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"Classical" Music

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Under(nourished Over)ture, Op. 1 (2017)

2111.2020.timp.perc.hp.str  3'

Winner of the 2017 Berklee/BoCo Recording Orchestra Tone Poem Competition.


Mocking Is Catching, Op. 4 (2020)

piano, string quartet, saxophone quartet  4'

Sheep in Wolves' Clothing, Op. 3 (2019)

electric guitar, electric bass, drum set – 5'

Premiered by the composer and the dedicatees at David Friend Recital Hall, Boston on October 29, 2019.

String Quartet ⇄ for, Op. 6 (2021/2024)

string quartet 12'30"

Solo Instrumental

Fables for Our Time, Op. 7 (2021)

piano 12'

Wind, Op. 2 (2019)

flute 4'

First performed by Margaret Lancaster at a reading session at Berklee College of Music on April 15, 2019.


Flashbackception, Op. 5 (2020)

synthesisers  12'

Written as a student score to the award-winning animated short film T.R.A.N.S.I.T. (1997); functions equally well as a concert work.

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