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Sessions and Shows

On Keyboards


– February 14: A session for Daunté's "Blind", at the Ark, 160 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston


– June 20: A session for Sofie's "Lighthouse", at Shames Scoring Stage, 160 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston


– December 13: Nathan Dies at the Magazine Club, Valencia, Spain

On Piano


– March 6: Luke Scheidemantle's Senior Recital, at the Red Room @ Café 939, Boston


– November 20: The world premiere of Austin Leshock's Terra, at the Berklee Society of Composers Fall 2017 Concert, in Old South Church, Boston · Watch It

On Electric Bass


– December 4: Katie Sharbaugh at Fall in Love with Valencia, in Veles e Vents, Valencia, Spain

November 22: Puerto Rican Night at Sala Matisse, Valencia, Spain


May 4: A session for Kartik Nair's final recording project – a soundalike cover of Pearl Jam's "Alive" – at the Digital Academy Film School, Mumbai. Soundcloud's screening bots thought it was the original recording and took it down. Hear It

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