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Why write at all?

I have always felt there are more good readers than good writers in this world. And, like Frantz Fanon, now that I have said it, I have to prove it.

I’ve been told now and then that I should try writing words in addition to (maybe instead of) music. However, the perfectionist in me never considers anything finished, which is why almost no one has actually seen/heard/read what I do.

As a challenge to myself, I shall try to write something every week. In all likelihood, it will be on things I know a little too much about – music, literature, cinema, theatre – though it might occasionally have to do with (gasp) everyday life.

Here goes nothing.

Afterword: It has ended up being every few years, thanks to what Kiran Nagarkar calls "the problems of making a living and other minor preoccupations."

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